Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Communion Prayer for Our Whole Lives Sunday

Written for a Sunday on which we celebrated the completion of a faith and sexuality series.*

Great and gracious God, creator of all good things,
You gave us grain and grape. You gave us hands and minds.
You set us in a garden to make good of what surrounded us.
When the path we chose led to brokenness, you did not abandon us.
You sent us prophets and teachers. When we did not listen to them,
You came to us yourself in the person of Christ Jesus.
And when the world rejected his witness of wholeness,
Calling it criminal and putting him to death,
You did not let that be an end.

For the gift of Resurrection we give you all thanks and praise.
Strangely grateful for the disruptive gift of the Holy Spirit,
and the challenge of participating in your New Creation,
we sing with the church on earth and in heaven,
Holy, Holy, Holy.

Let your Spirit be at this table where earthy and heavenly meet.
Let it rest on bread and cup and within us. Through this holy meal,
make us one with you and each other.   Amen.

*Want more information?  Our Whole Lives is an award-winning, comprehensive faith and sexuality curriculum written by members United Church of Christ (UCC) and Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), with a range of options for learning across the human lifespan.