Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Prayer for Parents, as Commencement approaches.

Dear God,
There is so much cleaning to be done,
and invitations should have gone out
yesterday - when he was 
still a kindergartener, and I had 
veto power over her wardrobe choices.

Did you feel this way when Jesus walked -
proud, and scared for him, wondering
where the years had gone to?

Dear Lord, I would like to know,
what time Martha will arrive 
to take charge of the kitchen
before I lose my mind

Did you feel this way while tolerating yet another
change of plan: carpentry, wilderness studies, 
teaching, hospitality management, political science?

Divine Spirit, breathe in me this day, 
as I cannot hold back holy tears.
Shall we baptize this turning together?


Monday, May 05, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You

We are proud geeks.  Well, my child and I are.  The cats refuse to admit they know us.  Star Wars Day  (May the Fourth....get it?) fell on a Sunday this year.   I was baptizing 3 children from a family of geeks.  I had every excuse.   Thus, the 3rd Sunday of Easter this year became Star Wars Sunday.  I am, as ever, grateful to serve in a setting where the congregation is willing to embrace a playful spirit.   I'm happy to share some snippets of liturgy in case you want to plan your own Star Wars service - although it'll be a while before May 4th falls on a Sunday again.  Free use, with credit.

Easter Season Call to Worship

One:      It is so good to remember...
Many:    To remember the sacred stories together, and connect them with the everyday.

One:       It is good to remember the Easter message,  A saga spanning generations -
              From death to life.  From despair to A New Hope!
Many:    We have this hope because Mary said, “I have seen the Lord!”
              and a roomful of once-frightened disciples said, “We have seen the Lord!”

One:      The Good News is a powerful Force! It has continued to this day,
             Because one person told another, Master to Apprentice, Teacher to student,
             Until it came to us: Christ is Risen!
Many:   Christ is Risen indeed!

A Prayer of Confession

Holy One, risen from the dead --
In dark places, we find ourselves,
with just a little knowledge to light the way.
You see more of our faults than we would like.

Forgive our fear, our anger and hate.
Forgive all that we do that leads to suffering.
When we enter the murky swamps of the human heart,
we find a disturbing lack of faith in your power,
a disturbing reliance on our own power.

We have tried our own way.
We know that Your way leads us through the suffering,
and on the other side, returns us to life.

Teach us to claim this new hope,
based upon your resurrection --
to live in love and harmony
with the whole of your universe.

Focus Scripture  

Acts 9:1-19.   Our accompanist played the Imperial Death March as the theme for Saul.  :)

Sacrament of Communion

Invitation to the Table 
Perhaps you’ve heard about the Great Feast of Rejoicing. All people welcomed to the table, enough and more than enough. A feast where the power of life reigns. This is Christ’s table, and whether you have kept close, or come from a galaxy far, far away…you are welcome here!

Eucharistic Prayer
Ruler of the Stars and Planets, Spinner of Universes,
Creative impulse who gave shape to all things,
We give thanks for all your good gifts:

For the unfolding of tremendous diversity,
Species and songs and stories that each tell a tale of your handiwork.
For breathing life into us and calling us good,
even when we struggle to live into our promise.

When we turned from your way
and Embraced the Dark Side,
You did not forget us.

You came to us as Jesus, our Master and Teacher.
You journeyed with us into an abyss of betrayal and despair.
Threatened by agents of destruction, your dearest ones abandoned you,
but all was not lost. Even the blueprints of death are not hidden from you.

From the terror of the cross, you launched a sneak attack on Death
and set your sights on an impossible future, cracking open the tomb.

For all these things we give you thanks and praise,
singing with the faithful of all times and places, Holy, Holy, Holy.

[Continue with the consecration of the elements, 
Words of Institution and sharing the bread and cup
in the way your community is accustomed.]

Prayer of Thanksgiving 
Risen Christ, we give thanks for this holy meal.
We reach for the stars and walk the good earth,
sustained by this Bread and Cup.
We prepare to leave this place, your Easter people,
overflowing with rejoicing and the power of Life! Amen!

Again, you are welcome to use these materials in your own setting.  
Please attribute per the Creative Commons License you'll find in the footer.