Thursday, October 02, 2014

Not too familiar

Holy. Holy. Holy.

You are the Holy One,
(although we have been
known to forget it).

We have been known to
treat you in overly familiar ways,
miscategorizing you as a mere friend
or bearer of good advice.

Forgive us for that presumption.

There is something in us
that wants to shrink you
to a manageable size.

So – although we tremble
to ask it, from time to time,
impress upon us

Your wild imagination,
Your crazy schemes,
Your Holy call.

Shock us (from time to time,
but only when we really need it)
into faithfulness.

Remind us that Holy has chosen us.
The source of Freedom has chosen us.
Remind us that, as Christ taught and lived,
Love has chosen us. Amen.