Sunday, October 11, 2009

update from an unprogrammed weekend

The virtues of an unprogrammed weekend are not to be ignored. It had been far too long since the munchkin and I had one together. Two peas in a pod, we are. Introverts ready to recharge.

There have been volumes of tea consumed. An ad-hoc expedition to the apple orchard for fresh, almost-too-hot-to-touch cider donuts. Flipping through magazines, perusing blogs, and television-shows-with-little-merit in the background. The cat seems to appreciate the slow pace, as do our weary minds and bodies.

We didn't make it to worship this morning; munchkin awoke with a headache and I didn't want to inflict potential illness on the Sunday School. So we have continued the sacrament of family time this morning. The birds have discovered the new feeder hanging from the pergola. Last night's frost has melted from the suddenly limp garden. There is sufficient food in the pantry and the freezer to cobble together a homecooked meal. It is a good day for warm, savory smells. For soft clothes. For memory.