Sunday, April 27, 2008

snippets from nowhere

Internship at First Church Somewhere-in-the-Midwest continues to go well. I'm sad to say that my last day there is May 18, although I'm currently angling for more preaching gigs when that's done. I have become addicted to preaching, as it turns out.

As I was procrastinating my way around another writing assignment, I found a poem nudging its way out of my brain. I share the current draft of it here, and welcome your responses -

I used to walk towards Galilee
with my father on a weekend day

The sand smooth as glass –
skimcoat water
reflecting bluest sky
a scallop shell splitting
the backflow!

ready for the growing pile in my bucket
stormcloud grey round stone
bumping on purple childhood wampum
sharpedge broken mussel and
a discarded (?) hermit crab hotel

there in sparkle wave-roar
seagulls clamoring to join the party

and joyful space of being me

there, too is God.