Friday, March 29, 2013

everyday bandits

we have been letting them kill jesus
different names to be sure different
baptismal names given names adopted
names of poor rich artbringing musicmaking
different skin different attitude different

when things are less than clear we call
for a scapegoat face mixed-up mixed-in
out of place lingering in the margins face
so an everyday bandit in a three piece suit
or casual friday khakis may just get away
but the one who declines to rule who just
wants to celebrate the sheer power of life -

that one, we crucify.

we have been killing jesus for a long time now
jesus with different names faces genders loves
family trees places of being passions and tastes
but this passion for life shown by a child of god
is the one that must be crushed obliterated
ignored marginalized not matter not ours no

an affront. dust and ashes whose insignificance
we must prove by forcefully casting aside a threat

to everyday bandits everywhere

Inspired by the passion story
in the Gospel according to John
Holy Week 2013

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