Saturday, January 05, 2013

Change of seasons


The next small thing
is to get rid of some unnecessary things.

To face the wall of pride-and-shame
and tear down the blocks one by one -
with teeth and claw
and hammer and
prybar, with major
equipment if needed.

To prepare the way
a road in the tangled
wilderness of my heart:

smooth -  broad  - 

open - peace-filled


with vistas
that draw the eye. 


My boxes and bags
are accumulated fear.
I long to put their
contents on sale,
a wandering Savior
picking up an item
from the bin, declaring
"I"ll take this one"
and walking away with it
- the price already
having been paid.

But it isn't market day
 - yet,

and my merchandise
waits for labeling and display;
as I have been protecting
it from theft for so long
that I do not know
a proper customer
when I see him before me.

(I am tempted to wait
a little longer, even as
the fruit grows overripe.)

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