Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Psalm 139 - a responsive paraphrase for my first confirmation class.

One:                God, you have searched me out.
Many:             You know what I hide in the deepest parts of me.
One:                You are familiar with all my ways.
Many:             You know me completely, and still you love me, Lord.

One:                You go before me, and behind me; you wrap me in your protection.
Many:             Such knowledge is almost too wonderful,
                        it is almost too difficult to grasp.

One:                Where can I hide from you?
Many:             If I sing out with glory and praise, there you are;
                        If I lie down, despairing and fit to die, you are there too.

One:                When I soar on the wings of dawn,
                        When I settle with the twilight breeze,
Many:             You guide me and hold me.
 One:                I need not hide from you, morning or evening, or anywhere in between;
Many:             You are the one who created me.                                                                        

One:                I praise you, for the wonderful way you made me.
Many:             I was woven together, with love and blessings,
                        Before the world ever knew me.

One:                You wrote me into your book of wonders.
Many:             Your love and care for me is written there for all to see!

Written for Confirmation Sunday at McFarland UCC, 12/2/2012

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