Wednesday, February 08, 2012

& (A Lenten Prayer)

One of my spiritual practices is writing poetry (most often free verse) that relates to the scripture passages knocking about my head. The following was inspired by miscellanea, and the various lectionary passages on the theme of covenant that are part of my planning for worship this Lent. Perhaps you will recognize something here...


Mama who whispers in my soul
who coaxes tangles out of my wild hair
and who spreads ointment on burned places
where the world has made me mixed up and raw

Papa who sets me upright again
and tells me to pedal, pedal, pedal
who shows me where the horizon is
and lets me know that it is ours to claim

Tiny bird who hops on my shoulder
moonbeam on my little girl’s face
lightning love and tender caress
Great One who makes intimate promises,

Let me remember always that
you are with me – and I with you
and that even when
the curtain rips
& the sky shatters
and your word


morning will come

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Sulia Grace said...

I read this on Words Matter and am impressed by your artistry and crafting. I will follow your blog more and mine is

Blessings to you in this desert time.
-Wendy Thompson