Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogging from Synod

Hello! I'm getting ready to travel to General Synod in Hartford, Connecticut. The seminary has launched a new blog to report on this historic 50th anniversary event, and a variety of alums, current students, faculty and staff will participate. Among the contributors will be seasoned bloggers and a few novices.

Stop by Wide Open Thinking for the CTS community's reports from Synod.

Full disclosure: I'm going to be contributing a post or two - probably around the immigration issues, but also general impressions. I'll cross-post here if I have the opportunity.


Christy said...

What are you doing posting at 12:45 AM, silly woman? I know, you don't sleep well.

Have a good trip. Try to keep my family from getting into too much trouble at Synod. :)

tellthestories said...

Well...packing and otherwise getting ready for the trip, of course!

And, being a natural night owl.

You know very well nobody keeps your family from doing anything they have set their minds to! They're more likely to nudge *me* into responsible behavior.