Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today's story: Public theology.

To be continued in installments throughout the autumn, and perhaps beyond, if the experiment works out. I'm enrolled in a seminary course in public theology, and our coursework includes actually doing public theology rather than just studying it. We'll be engaging various political/social/economic/you-name-it issues throughout the course of the term. Assignments include writing op-eds, posting to our own blog and inviting discussion.

The stories are there to be shared, and wrestled with - and hopefully changed for the better in the telling, hearing, and re-telling.

So, welcome! Pull up a chair and a cup of your favorite hot beverage (I'll be drinking tea) and join me for the ride. I welcome your comments and conversation.


Rob Leveridge said...

Hey there! Your first comment is: Looking good! -Rob Leveridge

Becky said...

How much we all appreciate a good story. We have great stories in our faith tradition that guide us as we navigate our way through the adventure of life. We would be living in a fairy tale if we though this adventure was going to be easy. The wrestling metaphor seems incredibly fitting!